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»       Designed for organisations with minimal or no HR.

»       Popular for small businesses or medium size companies.

»       Easy to understand, implement and administer.

»       Suitable for newly appointed HR professionals or cumulated functions.

»       DO’s and DONT’s of each step in the Employee Life Cycle to make sure your company is seen as a strong employer attracting the right employees, with low employee turnover, high productivity and legal compliance.

»       Includes initial meeting to understand the client’s organisation, business, goals and areas of concern.

»       Includes 3 hours training for HR and/or line managers (interviewing, performance review).






What makes your company attractive?

You want to attract high performers – and keep them. Together we will create a safe, organised, clearly defined and an attractive working environment.

-        Mission, Vision and Values of your company.

-        An employee handbook that protects both the company and the employee.

-        Job descriptions for each position in your company.

-        Identifying your Unique Selling Point, the key attributes that make you an “employer of choice”. 



Where and how do you find your future talent?

Would you like to make sure your organisation has access to the pool of skilled and qualified candidates? We will look at the ways to make sure you know who you are looking for, how to target them and how a simple recruitment plan can save time and money for your organisation.

-        A comprehensive recruiting plan aligned with your business plan, organisation chart and current skills

-        Recruitment methods and Candidate sources – identify relevant methods for your business

-        Advertisements that attract the best performers

-        Added Value – monitor the cost effectiveness of selected sourcing strategies. 



How to select the RIGHT candidate for your company?

We will look at the possibilities of the market and create an employee selection system that is relevant, cost-efficient and beneficial for you. We will watch out for common mistakes made in the selection process leading to the wrong recruitment decisions, and we will make a structured, formalised and objective selection process.

-        Selection methods, what are the options and which methods are the most appropriate for your needs.

-        Interview process that will ensure you identify the most suitable candidates and keep them interested throughout the whole process.- Structured interview guidelines.

-        How and when to give feedback.

-        Reference and Background Checking. 



How do you hire new employees to assure their success right from day 1?

Lets us examine how to effectively familiarise your new employees with your organisation and processes. What would be the best on boarding process in your organisation, would a buddy or mentor system work? As a result of several steps you will gain a fully productive and motivated employee.

-        When and how to make an offer to make sure the selected candidate accepts.

-        A checklist to review all legal documents in an employee file.

-        New Hire Orientation and On-boarding Process.

-        New Employee Orientation Checklist.

-        New Employee Survey (usually at the end of the probation period).  



You don’t want to lose your staff after all the hard work, time and money you devoted to their hiring and initial training!

Once you have hired the right people you want to make sure you keep them in the right jobs, help them develop a long-term career within your company and enjoy their contribution and value to your organisation in return.

-        HR Best Practices – how to establish good employee relations.

-        Performance Management – Employee Performance Reviews, setting KPI’s, Feedback Systems.

-        Talent Management.

-        Succession Planning.

-        Remuneration and Reward review.- Benefits package/plan reviews.

-        Employee Satisfaction Survey. 



Do you have to downsize/reconcile your existing staff?

Termination comes in two forms – voluntary or involuntary, it is important to ensure that in an ever-changing economy that a company has all the right options available to them. What are the legal steps you must ensure in order to protect your company? How to ensure a continued maximum commitment from remaining staff in the times of uncertainty?

-        Exit Interviews, learn from the feedback.

-        Exit Checklist of legal requirements and security procedures.



Property Development and Construction Projects in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country with a huge development potential, and a range of investors have already started or will shortly start building large scale projects on the Adriatic coast, including marinas, exclusive resorts, hotels, luxury residential villages etc. We believe this will open interesting opportunities to highly experienced professionals from construction, real estate management, hospitality and hotel management, or sales and marketing. We are always happy to speak with anyone interested in new career opportunities within this region. 


International Interviews and Careers

Are you looking for new challenges on your career path? Are you interested in international companies and international projects? Do you plan to apply for a job position abroad? We at ConnectU are here to help you with the preparations for your big journey. We put CARE back to your CAREer.