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Do you prefer ready-made clear solutions, where you can choose from already pre-designed services?

We offer you one of three service packs ready to be implemented immediately, just choose one that fits best the stage and situation of your organisation:


 1. HR Basic Tool KitA package designed predominantly for company start-up or smaller companies with no HR practice.  
 2. HR from A to ZA package suited to organisations with little or no HR, however which understands the importance of the right staff in the right jobs and the potential value that good quality HR can bring to the growth of the business.  
 3. HR ProfessionalA package suited to existing HR professionals / departments which aims to review current HR practices and improve them via the implementation of a tailor-made professional HR best practice guide, training on implementation and regular review and on-going assistance.  



Property Development and Construction Projects in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country with a huge development potential, and a range of investors have already started or will shortly start building large scale projects on the Adriatic coast, including marinas, exclusive resorts, hotels, luxury residential villages etc. We believe this will open interesting opportunities to highly experienced professionals from construction, real estate management, hospitality and hotel management, or sales and marketing. We are always happy to speak with anyone interested in new career opportunities within this region. 


International Interviews and Careers

Are you looking for new challenges on your career path? Are you interested in international companies and international projects? Do you plan to apply for a job position abroad? We at ConnectU are here to help you with the preparations for your big journey. We put CARE back to your CAREer.